About the Artist

Personal Information

What Picasso tried to reach by abstracting his figures, Marjori Lutter does with ease. She lays out her often strange characters inside-out with a sharp pen or brush stroke.

She constantly derives inspiration from visiting exhibitions and through examples of bizarre people fashionably dressed or nude models in sexy lingerie with leather boots as well as mannequins fully dressed or nude in colour or black-and-white whereby a remarkable result arises. Powerful and concentrated with clean lines and a sense of composition and colour sets her characters apart.

She uses a variety of materials; acrylic, chalk and crayon on paper or canvas. Sometimes she leaves out a body part so that its absence creates a suggestive line. Her subjects often look lonely but have strong personalities. This makes the work interesting and powerful. Don’t ask her why.

This art experience certainly has its therapeutic value for Marjori.

It would accurate to classify her style as Art Brut.

In the future, you will see more of her works in various techniques.


2007/08 – Art Project in Iceland, Gallery BRAK


2007 – Workshop painting collective in Frankfurt followed by an exposition


2006/07 – Marjori created the majority of work on the 70 meter copy of the world famous embroidered tapestry in Bayeux